Friday, 16 November 2012

Marlene's Initiation....

One thing I do love about technology, is that I can get this post done from my cellphone, while out in the Rural wilds, while my beloved and wonderful wife is completing the rite of Initiation as a Witch.

Right now, my wife is the focus of attention, and I'm keeping one eye on the rite and the other on the dark outside the firelight.
The local islamic Taliban-wannabes created some real problems the other day for the Pagan Community here, they defiled the Ritual Grove with all manner of islamic symbols and Arabic graffiti.
So, the Elders had quite a time working with others to get it all cleaned up, cleansed, and re-sanctified to the Gods & Goddesses above.
The Elders are exactly that--the youngest of them is in her late 60's.
Tonight, I stand with my wife in absentia, as I am one of the Guardsmen keeping watch and ensuring the safety and sanctity of the grove and the rite.
In seven minutes as of this writing, the Rite is complete and with a final Blessing, my wife will be fully Initiated as a Witch, and a new student of the deeper mysteries and learnings.

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